Why Metro PCS ??

Why Metro PCS ??


Metro PCS is a prepaid no contract carrier that runs off the T-Mobile 4G LTE network. Metro PCS is compatible with all unlocked GSM devices and even offers their own branded phones from companies such as LG and Samsung. However, Metro PCS does not offer payment plans for their phones. Metro PCS has various plans starting with no data only talk/text and ending with a truly unlimited data plan. These plans can be turned into family plans with up to 5 lines.

Metro PCS has plans for all users. The talk and text only plan includes unlimited talk, text and picture messaging. This plan is only compatible with 3G phones. If a customer has a 4G LTE smartphone, they will need to check out the Unlimited plans that include data. There are 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and unlimited GB plans that range in prices. Once a user reaches their allotted data amounts, Metro PCS will slow data speeds and instead of charging overages. This is not the case for the unlimited data plan as there is no allotted data amount.

If a potential customer was wishing to sign up with Metro PCS and add multiple lines, they can also do this. When users add more lines to Metro PCS, their monthly plan price for each line will go down. For example, the $40 3GB Unlimited plan costs $40 for one line, $30 for the second and $35 for the third, fourth and fifth lines. If a customer has a 3-line $40 plan, it will cost them $105 ($40 for first line plus $30 for second line plus $35 for third line equals $105).

Metro PCS offers bring your own plans and plans that require users to purchase a device from their company. If customers are bringing their own devices, the device must have previously run off either AT&T or T-Mobile or some sort of GSM network. As long as the device has been paid in full and is unlocked, GSM phones will work on Metro PCS.

If a customer is purchasing their own phone from Metro PCS, they will need to pay the device in full. Metro PCS offers phones like the newest Samsung Galaxy models and the newest LG devices. Unfortunately, Metro PCS doesn’t offer iPhones or payment plans for their devices.

Metro PCS has a couple of different add-ons that are only available for the $40, $50 and $60 plans.

Mobile Hotspot add-on is available for the $40, $50 and $60 rate plans for $5/mo. As long as a users’ device has Hotspot capabilities, Metro PCS offers tethering. The Hotspot can connect multiple devices and will use the allotted data amount for the month.

-$5 add-on: unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico. Unlimited data while traveling in Mexico.

-$5 add-on: unlimited calls and texts to and from Canada. Unlimited data while traveling in Canada.

-$10 add-on: unlimited calls to landlines in over 75 countries & unlimited worldwide text and 200 minutes to mobile when users are in the US. When abroad, get 200 talking minutes, 200 sending and unlimited receiving messages.

Customers can stream all the music they want on their phone or tablet from the top music services including Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Slacker, and Milk Music without using any 4G LTE data.

The only downside to Metro PCS is they don’t accept CDMA devices on their service. If a potential customer switches to Metro and has a CDMA device, they will need to purchase a new phone that can work on Metro PCS. Purchasing a new device through Metro PCS can be very expensive since they don’t offer payment plans for their devices.

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